when my world is gray

when my world is gray
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Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Father to Son, Son to Father

(The porch. Dusk. Drizzling rain.)

Son: "Dad, why we have to gone through a linear life? Go to school, find a decent work, getting married, having children, being old, and finally death. It's cliche, no?"
Father: "Our life is purposive. There are meanings in Creation."
S: "So, does it mean that the Creator is as boring as life itself? That the purpose of our life is to seek the hidden meanings behind boredom? It's futile, Dad."
F: "Son, I have gone through more than half of linear life that you mentioned before. Many times I find boredom too. But I will always return to the Creator and find unexpected insights."
S: "Dad, it's still boring. You are just adding one more step in between the linear path of life. But it's still linear: go to school, contemplation on the Creator, find a decent work, contemplation on the Creator, getting married, and so on and so forth..."
F: "Sorry that I can't be a good Dad who can respond to each of your questions. But I believe that contemplation is useful. That's how I can keep on going with this tough life."
S: "I agree that contemplation is useful. But just because something is useful, it doesn't mean that we can't breakout from the linearity. Let me propose something concrete: let's reverse our role, you as the Son, and me as the Father. Or maybe let's erase our titles, no more Father and Son. After that, we can see whether we can find another point of view about the linearity of our life."
Father and Son: "..."

(So, who is actually the Father and the Son?)

email from a friend in a boring night
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